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What's New

New Website!  (or "Who's ready for a change of scenery?")

Thanks to Burt and LouDee, we may have an all new website to call home.  Please follow the link below and take a look around.  Registration is simple.   ToME 2

Rise of Isengard - RoI (not Return on Investment)!
Pre-Order just hit and there are three packages to chose from with a number of significant "neaties!"
The top shelf package gets you 3 mounts, 3 sets of Rohirrim armor, the Guard of Isen title, access to Trollshaws, Eregion, Lothlorien, Moria and Mirkwood, 1000 Turbine Points. 
The next level is 1 mount, 1 set of armor and the title.
The economy version is 1 mount and the title.
The Pre-Purchase bonus for all three packages is 1 cloak (3 for top shelf)  matching your new armor, and 25% XP bonus that can be used now!

Instances, Raids and Skirmishes, oh my!
There's a new movement for grouping building up some steam, powered by Gunorin.  The Saturday afternoon runs are getting populated quickly and there's even talk of a set skirmish night to get together and skirm a bit.  If you want more info, stay on these forums or contact either Gunorin or Tauny in-game.

Don't forget to add your Alt name to your toon name in-game!

For details see:

Alt Name Instructions

(updated 9/8/11 - Toran (Tauny) - please send me an email if you have any problems with this site!)

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